Are we measuring life correctly?

How do you measure your life?

Depending on how you answer this question, you may be setting yourself for success or failure.

If we’re using the wrong way of measuring success, we may focus on that for our whole life to then realize we were wrong.

I would say the most prevalent way of measuring one’s life is by that person’s bank account.

The more figures the better he’s doing in life.

In the end, he has been able to work the system to be able to earn that much, therefore he’s smart, therefore he has a good life.

While seeing someone with money deserves my respects, I would argue that’s just part of the picture.

Life is just too complex to simplify it to mere numbers and I believe that by doing so we’re doing life a disservice.

If we have agreed that just the money we have is not enough to represent how good or bad our life is, then the question becomesā€¦ How can we actually measure it?

The alternative

What if instead of measuring it by the income we’re making, we do it by the life we are having? By the connections we create? By the memories we treasure?

How would our focus in life change? How would our priorities shift?

Some of the top regrets the elderly on their deathbeds have is they wish they had stayed in contact with their friends and that they hadn’t worked so hard.

But what’s interesting is that none said they wish they had made more money.

How would our lives change if listened to our elderly? What if the way to measure life was indeed by the connections we create?

If that was our focus, I believe we would be using our money differently.

Instead of using it to just measure our life, trying to accumulate more and more, we would be using it to buy us more time, so we can spend it with people we deeply care about.

We can do so in different ways:

  • Spending extra money on tools that saves us time (aka learning Notion šŸ˜‰)
  • Taking taxis instead of public transport when visiting a friend for a few days
  • Paying for parking
  • Going to a restaurant with a friend instead of cooking at home
  • Paying for your friend’s trip

Next time we’re about to purchase something, we can ask ourselvesā€¦ Is this buying me time so I can have the life I want? So I can spend it with the people I care about?

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