Hola, I’m Dani

Born in Spain. Lived in Shenzhen (CN) and Bali (ID).

I started off as an engineer but I turned out to be a systems and productivity geek on the way.

I’m on the quest of helping the world realize we just need to work 4 days per week if we manage our time properly and have the right systems in place.

I’m a certified Notion Ambassador and Notion is the tool of choice that is supporting me on that quest.

Teaching everything I know about systems and Notion in The Notion Academy

Ways I can help you out

YouTube Channel

Covering productivity (the healthy kind) and Notion.

Is this guy a wizard? You built a whole app in Notion!.. AMAZING

Nakos Kyranos

Systems Notion Course

Leveraging Notion to build life and business systems

This course is not only teaching me how to use Notion, it's making me rethink my whole life and how I can live it better and more productively

Nancy Cauwels

Coaching for entrepreneurs

Building your business systems and making them stick through habit building

It would've taken me months to do what we just did in an hour

Zan Nakari

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